classic level 2 qhht hypnosis:

4 to 5 hours


beyond quantum healing hypnosis

3 hours or more


introspective Hypnosis

3 hours or more


private past life regression

2 hours


group past life regression

1.5 hours

$20 per person (with groups of 15 to 20)

$25 per person (with groups of 7 to 14)

$50 per person (with groups of 3 to 6)

$100 per person (with groups of 2)


1 hour


travel rate:

per round-trip mile

(up to 100 miles from here)


special offers:

  • To clients who have worked with me:

    when you refer a friend or family member their session rate may be reduced by $50.

  • To returning clients:

    your session rate is reduced by $50 each time you wish to return.

  • To anyone in need of a flexible payment schedule:

    you may pay what you can at the time of your session, and have an installment of up to 2 months (preferably paid by Venmo).

I accept these monetary exchanges:





*credit card.

*A 3.5% service charge applies to Paypal and credit card payments.

Thank you for honoring the work that I do,

with your monetary and energy exchange.

And special thanks to you for your gracious tips!

::: Namaste :::