What is transpersonal hypnosis?

Transpersonal means the crossing of Body + Mind + Spirit. In transpersonal hypnosis, also called spiritual hypnosis, there is an emphasis on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the awareness that the guidance of a higher power prevails within the therapeutic relationship. This transpersonal approach allows one to access their spirit’s wisdom.

Transpersonal hypnosis is a holistic process which allows us to work in therapeutic partnership with the higher dimensional resources and wise aspects of ourselves for clear insight into our inner world.  This insight paves the way for problem-solving breakthroughs, emotional balance, physical restoration, and a deep sense of connection and purpose. 

Higher Consciousness is present every moment of life, diligently looking out for the greater good.  It has a broad perspective and understanding of our beliefs and longing, our gifts and strengths, our aspirations and spiritual destiny. Your Higher Self is unwavering in its limitless love for you and desire to guide. When questions are asked, it always supports your journey towards truth and spiritual transformation in ways that are most favorable at the time.

Fully relaxed and immersed into the subconscious, the participant is guided through past/concurrent/future/between lives - allowing parts of themselves that were hidden to surface for clearer understanding and thus healing. In transpersonal hypnosis, the ego generously relinquishes its minding, allowing Higher Consciousness to preside as co-therapist communicating freely and peacefully through the participant. Transpersonal hypnotherapy is therefore an oracular experience.



  • communication with one's own Higher Self

  • communication with another person’s Higher Self

  • communication with Overlighting Spirit Guides

  • quantum healing

  • remote healing

  • ancestral guidance and lineage healing

  • improved fluency in well-being

  • past. current, future life viewing

  • understanding one's purpose and mission

  • understanding soul contracts

  • understanding the root cause of ailments

  • energy or spirit attachment detection, and releasement

  • awareness of influencing factors outside your field of vision

  • recognizing unconscious thought patterns

  • a shift in response to past trauma

  • optimizing personal and business relationships

  • assistance with decision making

  • energetic body scan and clearing

  • energetic healing and protection

  • cessation of detrimental patterns

  • lasting healing through a path of forgiveness

  • clearing of self-limiting beliefs

  • an improved meditation practice

  • spiritual end-of-life "hospice"

  • an entryway to the Akashic Records

  • and much more as we come to discover!