how to prepare for your hypnotherapy session

1 intend

Consider why it is that you want a hypnotherapy session. What do you wish to learn, heal, release, draw in, feel more of? Voice your intention and nurture this intended outcome in your heart.

2 ask

Thoughtfully craft a list of up to 12 questions you want answers to.

Print or clearly write your list of questions onto a piece of paper to bring with you.

3 meditate

Developing and deepening a meditation practice is highly recommended as a primer for hypnosis. Additionally, you can savor meditative practices that promote your ability to commune with your Higher Self. Examples include taking a moment of silence, strolling through nature, reading a poem, staring at the ceiling, gazing at a candle.

4 breathe

Practice conscious breathing. Allow for a series of smooth deep inhalations with smooth deep exhalations. This moves energy and supports the regulation and clearing of your mind.

Authorize and condition your connection with your wise Higher Self and Guides.

A good way to do this is by saying aloud,

“I am a clear channel for love light and truth. I am willing to heal, and I say YES to the journey ahead." 

“I release control and surrender to the flow of LOVE that will heal me.”

5 welcome

Enjoy the feeling of approaching your session with

  • a pleasantly open mind

  • a strong desire for positive change

  • an excited sense of curiosity and readiness

  • a knowing that it is safe to heal and that you are deserving of it

6 open

Once we have scheduled your appointment, please read and respond to these pre-session interview questions.

7 answer

Acquaint yourself with my voice and listen to this recording.

Examples of questions to bring to your qhht session:

Please feel free to use these questions as your own if you feel they apply to you.

Life Path

  • What are my soul’s highest aspirations, gifts, and strengths?

  • What lessons did I set out to learn in this lifetime?

  • What promises have I made that can now be nullified?

  • What distractions are getting in the way of my life’s plan?

  • What choices and actions best align me with my heart’s desire and soul’s purpose?

  • What’s the next best step in my spiritual growth?

  • What is important for me to let go of at this time of my life?

  • What is important for me to reclaim at this time of my life?

  • What wisdom can be imparted now which can optimize my business?

Health & Mental Wellness

  • Why do I have discomfort in my _____ ?

  • What can be changed in order to support my optimum health?

  • What blockages and emotional patterns must I overcome, and how?

  • Where did my low self esteem come from and how can I shift it?

  • What self-limiting beliefs have I harbored which can now be safely released?

  • How can I prepare myself for the abundance coming my way?


  • What is my reoccurring dream/vision trying to tell me?

  • What is my totem animal, and how can I better connect with it?

  • What energetic patterns or spirit entities, if any, are negatively influencing me?

  • What was that strangely interesting thing that happened, the day when _____ ?

  • What symbols, stories, myths can help me to improve/overcome _____ ?


  • What can I do which will help _____ accomplish their purpose?

  • What karmic ties do I have with _____?

  • What ancestral pattern needs resolve at this time?

  • What is my unique responsibility in my ancestral lineage?

  • What lesson can be learned from my difficult experience with _____?

  • Which of my ancestors are watching over me, and what messages do they have for me?

tips for the day of your session:

  • wear very comfortable clothing

  • skip the application of eye-makeup

  • to lessen distraction, arrive as scent-free as possible

  • bring a sentimental article, a sacred object and a crystal perhaps

  • while in trance, let your intuition take flight and freely say the very first thing that comes to you

  • right after your session avail yourself for quiet contemplation, perhaps journaling