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It was the Spring of 2002 when I experienced a life-changing transcendental journey and encounter with my Spirit Council. This meeting imparted the knowing of who I am and what vow I promise to keep. It led me on a resolute path of love for and service of others. It also naturally shaped the ways in which I employ my aptitude for creative energy work and might as a jewelry artist - all the while journeying through the fascinating world of metaphysics, always with a perpetual sense of curiosity and awe.

In the Summer of 2012 I had become completely absorbed in the detailed eye-opening accounts of Dolores Cannon, a regression hypnotherapist and recorder of lost knowledge - consuming volumes of her books and being drawn to the frequency of truth they exude. There within I received a clear intuitive beckoning to delve even more deeply into my path of service, this time in the healing arts, with hypnosis as the gateway.

Since then, I have been on a refreshed and expansive journey of discovery - motivated by my openness to following divine guidance, by my desire to understand and assist others in their transformative healing, and by my soul’s aspiration of lovingly uplifting others thereby creating positive change in our world.

This work is profound. It is deeply rewarding. I am both humbled and honored to witness and support every one who gifts themselves with the many benefits of transpersonal hypnotherapy. Re-membering more of who we are, how to heal ourselves, what we are aligned to accomplish, what our soul's gifts are, how we effectively offer them for the betterment of humanity, and how we are all connected is ours to discover. I am here to hold space for you in showing that your healing is in your hands, and that you are a natural oracle of timeless wisdom which comes from within.


My service by way of transpersonal hypnotherapy began with following Dolores Cannon’s beautiful method, fittingly called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique® (QHHT), in which I am certified. This excellent style of hypnotherapy is well suited for

  • intensive past life regression therapy

  • higher consciousness communication

  • in-depth understanding of current life challenges

  • relief from psychosomatic symptoms

  • receiving clear affirmation on one’s life purpose

  • and more

introspective hypnosis

I am also certified in the Introspective Hypnosis® method, as taught by Antonio Sangio. This method was developed by Aurelio Mejía. It is a method that combines several techniques, such as

  • embodied role-change

  • trauma retrospection

  • forgiveness therapy

  • past life regression

  • and spirit assistance (also known as spirit releasement)


My healing practice has grown to tailor sessions by incorporating a wide range of energy therapy modalities - including Reiki in which I am certified at Level 2. Some benefits found with Reiki healing include

  • chakra clearing

  • centering

  • relaxation

  • pain reduction

  • accelerated healing

  • and more


I am also certified in the intuitive and heart-based method of spiritual hypnotherapy, as developed and taught by Candace Craw-Goldman, called Beyond Quantum Healing® (BQH). This method of hypnosis is based on the classic form of QHHT, and is adaptable to each person’s needs. Upon request, I follow this method by including

  • water alchemy

  • reiki

  • therapeutic essential oil crafted blends,

  • life force infused crystals,

  • and hand made ritual incense.